About Us

We are a small american family of animal lovers and that’s why you may find a lot of products that are related to animals.

Our family has 2 lovely cats: Amazing Randy (please don’t laugh LOL) and Sammy, and 
a sweet black lab Lexi.

Also we have a few beautiful horses: Sundance, Scoots, Grace, Huckleberry and a mule Goober! :) Every big holiday we take our horses and go camping and horseback riding! We also love fishing, hiking, mushroom hunting (mostly morels).

The name of our web store was born by putting together our pets’ names: Amazing Randy for RAN, Sammy for SA, and Lexi for LEX - RANSALEX. :)

We source our products from local suppliers only.

We hope that you’ll find something that you like for yourself or for your loved ones either as a Birthday gift, Christmas present, Mother's or Father's Day gift, Anniversary or Wedding gift! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you - happy and satisfied customers is our goal! :)

Ransalex Team

 Here are some of the "members" of our team! :)

Amazing Randy