About Gels

Rainbow soak-off gel is a newest LED/UV gel nail polish on the market and has already won European and Asian market.

The one step nail gel is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear nail color. It goes on like a nail polish and wears like a gel.

Suitable for both hands and feet, the Rainbow one step soak-off LED/UV gel nail polish does not damage natural nails, provides at least 14 days of incredible high-gloss wear and is quick and easy to remove.

So, Why Rainbow LED UV Gel? The gel requires only 30 seconds curing under the LED lamp (please note, even though the manufacturer recommends only 30 sec for curing under the LED lamp, we advice you to cure the gels for 60 sec. We’ve seen the better results when gels were cured for 60 sec) or 120 seconds under the UV lamp.

The HUGE benefit of the Rainbow one step nail gel is that there is NO need to apply either top or base coats at all!! All you need is your favorite color and the LED/UV lamp.

Give your nails the glamor treatment they deserve from the comfort of your home!!

With so many colors to choose from you will never have to walk out the door with boring nails ever again!!!


One Step !!! – NO base or top coat needed
Easy to apply
Chip resistant
Lasts up to 4 weeks
Beautiful mirror finish
Won’t damage natural nails
Odorless and Eco-friendly
Perfect for home or salon


Trim and prep nails.
Wipe any residue with a nail cleanser (also, you can use a rubbing alcohol).
Apply one thin coat of Rainbow LED UV Nail Gel.
Cure under LED Lamp for 30 Seconds or Standard UV Nail Lamp for 2 Minutes.
Apply another thin coat Rainbow LED UV Nail Gel.
Cure under LED Lamp for 30 Seconds or Standard UV Nail Lamp for 2 Minutes.


Place cotton saturated in a polish removal or acetone over the nail, wrap in foil and
allow to soak for 8-10 minutes.
Buff, lightly buff surface of nail. Do not force the gel off with pushers as you will
damage the natural nail.  Never rush the soak off procedure.  All beautiful things
take time!
Gently push gel polish away with a wood manicure stick.
Apply Cuticle Oil and massage into cuticles.
Tip. Use a cotton swab to rub petroleum jelly like Vaseline on the skin around your nails before placing cotton and foil on your nails.It will protect your skin from drying.